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Your business may require additional management support for a number of reasons;  a change in business operations, owners who want to cut back on admin time, peak demand periods, staff turnover, system upgrades or restructuring. GM Outsourcing is a smart way to tap into an experienced management skill set to support you in attaining the best possible outcome.

Understanding the goals of a business at the tipping point of change or growth, defining a successful outcome and being a contributor to achieving those outcomes is Janice’s driving passion.  GM Outsource can help to get over a business ‘hump’ or assist with longer term business planning.  

Principal – Janice Duncan offers:

  • Competence:  20 years of experience working with business owners, Boards and management teams.
  • Wisdom: Janice brings emotional intelligence (and common sense) into the heart of operational and strategic issues.  She works on the principal of keeping things practical, commercial and ‘doable’.  

  • Professionalism:  Janice has worked with Boards of ASX listed companies, entrepreneurial business owners, and front line staff.  She has an instinct for engaging people and achieving outcomes.  And if Janice doesn't have the skills you need she will connect you with someone she trusts who has.

  • A tool kit packed with practical solutions to just about every stumbling block SME’s typically encounter when trying to drive growth. 

  • An eye for detail and the big picture.

  •  Flexible options for engagement:  From hourly rates for tasks, fixed fee for projects or retainers for ongoing support.