Building a robust business while growing revenue can be hard work. Making business savvy, timely decisions that support your future plans can be challenging. Imagine the benefit of having a skilled Business Manager when you need it
(and not when you don't).

That's where GM Outsource comes in.


Business & Process Management

  • Sounding board for business owners
  • Business Planning
  • Budget Management
  • Process & system reviews
  • Process & system implementation
  • Credit control improvement
  • Cash flow management
  • Develop tailored policies and procedures


  • Staffing structure
  • Role review & position descriptions
  • Remuneration & incentive models
  • Setting KPI's
  • Mentor & develop teams &/or individuals
  • Staff recruitment
  • Develop staff progression pathways
  • Performance management



  • Review existing supplier/service arrangements
  • In house vs outsourcing comparisons

If GM Outsource doesn't provide the service your business needs, Principal Janice Duncan will recommend the right service provider for you to see. 

We can work in your office, in ours or a mixture of both.



Project Management Support

Regular support (for example 3 to 8 hours a week)

Hourly support for tasks

Consultant on a retainer

A fully immersed General Manager for a defined block of time.


"Safe hands, I had no hesitation in placing my business in Janice Duncan's safe hands. Her commercial sense and business acumen allowed me the freedom to work on the business and expand revenue opportunities and possibilities whilst knowing that Janice was at the helm managing and directing the core competencies of a successful business.

Janice also brings a judgement and sounding board that is so often missing for business leaders. Be prepared to be questioned and challenged in the process, have your plans and visions better honed and directed, as Janice enables you to enhance your own visions of success.

Today Janice is still my business mentor of choice."

Peter Bobbin - Managing Principal, Argyle Lawyers


“Janice always offered thoughtful strategic insight, providing unique approaches to solving business challenges.  Janice has an incredible ability to see straight to the heart of an issue and then articulate the best approach to solve it, taking business parameters into consideration. Janices’s analytical mindset, combined with her considerate manner and deep integrity, would see her as a tremendous asset in any organisation.”

Alison Causebrook – Corporate Peopleworks Leader, Flight Centre Division  


"Janice is an accomplished business professional able to bring together theory and practice that delivers tangible results. Janice worked at the strategic and operational level to help focus the firm's business implementing robust systems and processes to ensure success and profitability.  Throughout our time working together, Janice was always available to discuss concerns and to provide guidance, direction and coaching to everyone throughout the business. Her ability to handle sensitive issues with empathy and professionalism provided everyone with the knowledge that they could speak with Janice without fear or favour. 

Janice and I worked together for 2.5 years and during this time she was my manager, my coach and my mentor. She provided me with guidance and leadership which I will take with me throughout my career.   

It was a great pleasure working with Janice.  Anyone who has the opportunity to work with her will be working with one of the best!!"

Leonie McTaggart  - Human Resources Manager, NGA Human Resources